Son of a Woodcutter

Son of a Woodcutter is a furniture company with roots in Toronto. They specialize in crafting custom solid wood dining tables and furniture with sustainable materials. When Son of a Woodcutter first came to me back in 2018, they had a steady flow of work but their online presence was barely existent. They were looking for a cohesive brand so that they could connect with their audience in a more impactful way and portray the business at the level they were already at. In other words, they were doing great work that people already liked, and we needed a way to communicate that effectively.

What We Did:

Market Research
Brand Strategy
Shopify Website Design + Build
Email marketing
Social Media 

It became very obvious from the beginning that this was a company who was genuinely dedicated to their craft. They had a story to tell.

So we worked together to develop a brand strategy that really got to the heart of why Son of a Woodcutter exists and why they do the work they do.

We did industry, competitor, psychographic research and ran surveys – looking at everything from the Canadian furniture industry to the psychology behind our relationships with the places we live.

Over the course of several months, we developed a clear brand framework for the company, refining their messaging and positioning, and from there, adapted their existing logo into a cohesive and consistent visual identity.

We then worked on their website, writing compelling copy that aligned with their values and designing an easy to use, streamlined and modern website.

Today, they have an e-commerce platform with a steady stream of sales, elevated brand awareness, and a growing team. This is a company that knows who they are and never wavers. We continue to work together as the company grows and shifts in their market, and it has been nothing short of an honour to support them in their journey.

“I was struggling to make sure I had everything in the right place for the business. I could do my own hashtag research and post to social media but it needed refinement. I also knew I would need a new website in the not too distant future. We now get compliments on the website all of the time, and people tell us that they found us on Google numerous times per day. We are just overloaded with quality inquiries. So I am just over the moon with that! The business is very stable, we have no concerns about getting new inquiries now and our brand awareness is solid.”

Jack, Owner at Son of a Woodcutter