Behind every successful project is a carefully crafted process.

The branding process is at its most effective when it is collaborative.


By breaking a project into stages, we can make sure that everything flows smoothly and your brand is built with intention, aligning with your business goals.


The discovery stage is a closer look into your business, your requirements, overall goals and challenges. The brand discovery session is essentially a workshop where we dive into your brand and take a closer look at your goals and your business.

STEP 02 / Strategy

A strategy is researched and developed based on your business goals, your audience, how you want to make them feel and all the things that set your business apart from the rest. An evidence-backed, psychology-driven strategy is the foundation for the project, informing our design choices.


You’ll be presented with design concepts for review. We’ll meet to go over your designs and make sure they are in line with your vision for your brand and what’s needed to meet your goals.


From here we will refine the designs as needed so that we end up with the final product that best reflects your needs and that would connect the most with your audience.

STEP 05 / Implement

Whether it’s building your website or creating your final brand guide, we implement the strategy and design we’ve created so far.

STEP 06 / Launch

Once everything is finalized, we wrap up our project, tying up any loose ends and sharing final files. Time to launch your new brand and celebrate!

A project needs these three things to be successful.



Project management can make or break a project.

I get a bit nerdy about project management, and that’s for good reason. I’ve managed hundreds of projects over the years and refined my process along the way.

Structure gives us more room to play with.

They say that structure is freedom. Processes and structure give us a safety net so that we can freely explore concepts and ideas along the way while staying on track – leading us to the best possible outcome for your business.

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