Louise Green Skin Care

Louise Green offers skin care consultation services When I first met Louise, she was in the process of refining her existing business offerings and letting go of some services so that she could focus on her niche – providing real, result-oriented skin solutions. We worked together to define what that meant for her brand, and in doing so uncovered not only her story, but the stories of the people she works with.


What We Did:

Brand strategy
Visual identity
WordPress Web Design + Build
Social Media
Email marketing

It is rare that you meet someone who is so passionate about their work and so committed to the details.

This was an important aspect that had to be showcased in all of the messaging. Because of how committed Louise is, this was the easy part!

We also did customer and industry research, and developed a brand strategy to help guide her business in the new launch – all while avoiding beauty industry tropes. From there, we crafted a cohesive visual identity that reflected her values, personality and mission. 

Next, I worked with her to design and build a WordPress website that captured the unique approach to her work. We collaborated to write compelling web copy that got to the heart of her story and connected with her people.

We continue to work together to build her online presence and it has been nothing but a pleasure!

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you have done. Thanks for being so supportive and helpful today. I am so thankful for having found you. You have helped bring to life something that for so long was an idea in my head, and done it with grace and beauty.

Working with you has been really rewarding and I love the way we collaborate.

I look forward to continuing this adventure together.

Louise Green, Louise Green Skincare