Flex Property Developments

Flex Property Developments launched in 2019. As a boutique property management company, they offer flexible rental solutions across Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. Their unique take on rentals is what makes them great – offering a blend of short-term, medium-term and long-term rental solutions. They also make it easier for busy independent landlords to manage their properties and provide excellent service to their tenants.

What We Did:

Market Research
Brand Strategy
brand identity
wordpress website design and build
marketing strategy
Social Media 
Email Marketing

Property management is traditionally an industry that is still a little bit behind on modern marketing, but Flex is not one of those companies. Their brand is fresh, current and fun.

This is a forward thinking business that is always up-to-date on what is happening in the rental market.

Flex was born as a reaction to changing markets and customer needs and was a necessary pivot. We worked together to navigate this new change, positioning the company and establishing a brand identity for the company. I also worked with them to design, build, and write copy for their WordPress website, which features built-in rental listings system. 

For various reasons, there is a special kind of care that is required when working with brands that offer housing. This was an important factor in developing a brand strategy for the company. After we had worked on their brand and built their website, we then worked on email marketing and a social media strategy. Flex continues to expand and it’s been so exciting to watch them grow!

“We needed help with branding, web development, lead acquisition and social media for a new property management company. Investing in our brand was a key part of scaling and Kate thrives in branding. We ended up with strong brand awareness, a strong social media presence and a clean, user friendly website!”

Genevieve, CEO of Flex Property