I always say this – rebranding is not something to be taken lightly. It can have a powerful impact on your company’s sales and customer perceptions, and it needs to be handled with care. If you’ve already got some good brand recognition, it’s important to be sure to maintain that in your rebrand. 

From Uber to Weight Watchers to Dunkin’ Donuts, many large companies have experienced controversial rebrand blunders. Some (like GAP) have even ended up reversing back to their old branding after facing backlash from consumers.

Am I saying you shouldn’t rebrand? Not at all. Companies with disjointed brands are more likely to appear untrustworthy, cause customer confusion and see declines in sales. A well executed rebrand can be absolutely transformative for a business – whether your business is big or small. 

Here are three tips for a successful rebrand.


1. Invest in professional help

If you are going to spend time and energy on rebranding your business, take the time to do it right and work with a professional! This will save you a ton of headache and you’ll be able to feel confident knowing that you’re working with an expert in branding. It can also save you from costly mistakes. Invest in working with a professional who understands your industry, business strategy, and will work with you to help you meet your goals. A good branding professional will work with you to understand the deeper goals behind your rebrand and how to meet them. They’ll also be able to identify any problem areas or opportunities that might come up.

2. Don’t lose sight of what’s important

When branding is rooted in purpose it is more likely to connect with people on a deep level. So it’s important not to lose sight of who you are in the rebrand process. Good branding is not about trying to be someone you’re not, it’s about getting to the bottom of who your company is and figuring out why that matters and how we should present it to the world. And don’t lose sight of your customers either – remember that your target audience is more than just an audience, they are real people, with emotional and material needs. How can you connect with them in a meaningful way?

3. Don’t over compare

I’m not going to tell you not to compare at all, because comparison is a part of the competitive research process. And this process is really helpful for identifying any areas where you can improve, where you can find opportunities or where you stand out in your market. This is what I would call a helpful comparison. Comparison becomes unhelpful when you are obsessively comparing yourself to your competitors or become stuck in a competitive, reactive marketing loop because you are so concerned about what everyone else is doing. Focus on what makes your business unique and why.


Rebranding is a great opportunity for businesses who have been around for a while but are lacking brand clarity or dealing with challenges like customer confusion, inconsistent messaging and visuals or ongoing issues with low quality leads. When done right, it can take your business to new levels of success and help you reach your dream customers! 

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