You know the saying build it and they will come? That isn’t true at all when it comes to your website.

Sure, we can drive traffic to your site with SEO. But that alone is not enough to drive sales. Even if you have a gorgeous, highly functional website, that perfectly captures what you do and why people should buy from your company, that won’t guarantee sales.

Once you’ve launched your website, it doesn’t end there! You need to do a marketing push so that you can reach your target audience.

Growing your audience and driving sales is an ongoing process. There is no overnight fix, and it takes time and effort. Here are my top tips for keeping the momentum going once you’ve launched your new site!


1. Craft a social media strategy that supports your goals.

Do you have a social media strategy or do you just post when you can? Creating intentional, goal-focused content is going to get you better results. It is better to have four quality posts a week than seven surface-level posts. Now that you’ve launched your new website, post about it on social media, and carry some of that messaging from your new website into your social media messaging. In 2021, the average person spends about 2.5 hours on social media per day, meaning they are absolutely flooded with content. So it’s even more important to put out memorable high quality content.

2. Capture emails

If you’re not using email marketing yet, you should! Be sure to read my post about why email marketing is good for business. Now that you have your new site up and running, ideally you have an email capture strategy. Work to build your list so that you can connect with your audience and reach them in their inbox.

3. Have a post-launch sale or promotion

Once you’ve launched your website, I recommend having a sale. This is a great way to celebrate your launch and drive traffic to your new website! Post about it on social media and send an email to your list.

4. Check your analytics

As time goes on it will be important to look at the data to see how your site is performing. Google Analytics will give you insights into who is visiting your site, how often and when. If you continue to look at this closely you might notice some patterns that will help you make adjustments as time goes on. But keep in mind, it takes time and one week’s worth of analytics isn’t enough to make a decision off of. 

5. Be patient and enjoy the process

Like I said earlier, there is no overnight fix. Growing your sales and increasing traffic will take a little bit of time, and you may need to experiment here and there in order to get it right. The digital world is constantly evolving so your digital marketing strategy will too. Try to be patient, and enjoy the process! It’s an opportunity to refine your business and get to know your customers in new ways, and a great way to build a better brand.