When I first started working with companies on their branding, I knew all about imposter syndrome. I knew it was something that showed up for me now and then. I knew it was something that a lot of people experienced. But what I didn’t know at the time, was the link between imposter syndrome and the branding process.

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that typically occurs among high achievers who can’t quite accept their success. Oftentimes, they will attribute their achievements to luck instead of their abilities, and fear that they’ll eventually be found out. Imposter syndrome is a liar and tells you that you are a fraud.

Here’s what I’ve found over the years. Business and feelings, as much as we try to set them apart, tend to go hand in hand. Because we’re human. And so, often in the branding process, there is a little discomfort. Discomfort is to be expected whenever we are giving birth to something new.


The Branding Process Involves a Shift in Perspective

When I work with you on your branding I am essentially holding a mirror to your company. Sometimes you might not like what you see at first. That is part of the process. Sometimes you might feel hesitant to put yourself out there. That is common too. And sometimes, as we go through competitive analysis, and you find yourself comparing your business to others, the nausea sets in. 

All of these reactions I have found are totally normal and in fact very common. I recently put myself through my own rigorous branding process and it brought up a lot of discomfort for me. “This is what I put my clients through? Oh my god.” is what I said to my coach. “There needs to be more support here.”

And so that is my goal. To not only support you in making strategic branding decisions that align with your company, goals and your vision, but to support you in the entirely human responses to making a big change. 

Yes, there might be a little discomfort, but you’re an entrepreneur – you were basically born to do hard things. 


Imposter Syndrome Never Goes Away

I am always astonished at the power of imposter syndrome. I have met men and women who are wildly successful, both in business and in money, and who still struggle with imposter syndrome. The reality is that it is a part of running a business and it never fully goes away. Every now and then it will rear its ugly head. 

I recently spoke to someone who is more successful and wealthy than I will ever be, and they were hesitant to put themselves out there, to truly commit to marketing their business – because of imposter syndrome. Sometimes we need an outsider to see our potential and remind us of the level we are at. It kills me to see businesses playing small when what I see is so much potential. For innovation, for connection, for impact.


Building Your Brand is Incredibly Rewarding

Yes, the process is an undertaking, but it’s also very exciting work. I truly enjoy collaborating with my clients and the magic that happens when we bounce ideas off of each other. It is so rewarding to finally see your vision come to life. The confidence boost that comes with feeling good about what you put out into the world, feeling good about the perception people have of your company, that is priceless. And, it leaves you the time and the space to work on the things you are great at and passionate about.


Has imposter syndrome held you back from taking your brand to the next level? If it has, can you ask yourself – who would my business be if I let this go?