The content on your website is arguably the most important piece. Your website is, after all, a communications tool! Even the most beautiful of websites will not be effective if the content is not well-written.

Most web designers don’t include copy in your web project. Typically, you are required to supply it. A few years into my business I realized that it made more sense for me to offer web copywriting as a part of my web packages. 

Keep in mind that I have a writing background, and it’s something I’ve always really enjoyed! I often joke that it will be my second career. If you’re working with someone who does not have a writing background, you can always hire a professional copywriter to provide them with the copy for your website. This might be the best solution for you if you do not feel comfortable writing your website copy yourself.

Here are the honest reasons I started including web copywriting as a part of all of my projects:

It’s something I’ve been doing for years (and enjoy!)

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and I have been writing web copy for maybe five or six years now. Web copywriting is uniquely different from other pieces of writing. It needs to be punchy and direct. My marketing background has allowed me to hone my web copywriting skills over the years.

I realized that many of my clients hated it.

Not everybody likes to write, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s time consuming, and it requires a lot of research and effort. Many of the business owners I was working with were very busy and didn’t have the time to dedicate to writing their own content. I could see that this part of the process was not enjoyable for them. I wanted to take this off their hands to make things a bit easier, all while still keeping the copywriting services accessible to them. Then again, I’ve worked with others who are born writers and love the copy creation process!

Web copy is the biggest culprit for project hold-ups

Look, someone had to say it! Ask any web designer, and they will tell you that missing content is one of the most common reasons for a website launch to be delayed. This is just something that happens sometimes, and that’s ok. But content is king, and without content there can be no website! Working web copy into my web project process has made for smoother projects that run on schedule.

Brand-oriented Copywriting

When I write content for a website, I’m able to take what we’ve discovered during the creation of your brand strategy and apply it to your copy. This results in carefully crafted copy that is consistent with a brand’s tone of voice and messaging strategy. 

SEO Considerations

SEO (search engine optimization) is something you have to factor in when putting together content for a website. Writing web copy is unique in that you need to include specific keywords that will tell search engines like Google to show people your website. There are certain strategies for writing SEO-driven copy to bring you the best results. It’s important to have a careful balance between seo-driven and brand-driven content so that your site isn’t jammed with keywords (which results in customer distrust and a lack of authenticity). When I work with web copy, I’m able to strategically position the content to best optimize for SEO.


Let’s work together to create web copy that sells. Book a call to discuss you web project!