Developing a strong foundation for your brand takes time, research, collaboration and effort. That being said, having the right branding process is especially important if you want to build a brand!

My brand process breaks a project down into multiple stages. The result is a more focused project and a more thorough approach. I can’t tell you how many times I have met someone who spent their hard-earned money to have their logo done, rushed in two weeks with no strategy, and ended up having to redo it and spend more money within less than a year. All because it wasn’t the right fit for their brand and wasn’t communicating what they were about. It is painful to see that happen. There’s a reason we take the time to do it right, and the extra time and research is well worth it!

The branding process makes sure that we are making guided decisions. It makes sure that we are developing a brand with intention and with a sense of purpose.


The Process

Here’s a look at my brand process that I have been tweaking over the years:



The discovery stage is a closer look into your business, your requirements, overall goals and challenges.  We will have a call to gather information for your project and requirements, and start to dive deeper into your brand.


A strategy is researched and developed based on your business goals, your audience, how you want to make them feel and all the things that set your business apart from the rest. An evidence-backed, psychology-driven strategy is the foundation for the project, informing our design choices.


You’ll be presented with design concepts for review. We’ll meet to go over your designs and make sure they are in line with your vision for your brand and what is needed to meet your goals.


From here we will refine the designs as needed so that we end up with the final product that best reflects your needs and that would connect the most with your audience. 


Whether it’s building your website or creating your final brand guide, we implement the strategy and design we’ve created so far.


Once everything is finalized, we wrap up our project, tying up any loose ends and sharing final files. Time to launch your new brand and celebrate!


Process makes perfect.

Sticking to a planned process means that your brand is carefully developed and designed with your goals in mind – as well as any opportunities and challenges that might come up for you! Having a strategically developed brand not only helps you be more clear in how you connect with your customers (online and offline) but will also help you feel more confident in your business.


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