There’s no doubt that your brand is your biggest sales tool. Good branding helps you connect with your customers, share your value and take control of your company’s narrative.

But is your outdated brand costing you sales? If you find yourself lacking strategy, consistency or credibility, then you could be leaving money on the table.

Here’s why.


Brand Confusion will Deter Your Customers

Inconsistent brand visuals like colours and fonts are a surefire way to create brand confusion. Because the way we react to brand design is so subconscious, it will affect even the least design-aware buyers. The same goes with the non-visual elements of your brand, like messaging or tone of voice

When your branding is inconsistent, you’re subtly sending the message that your service or product is also inconsistent. This can deter customers from buying your product or service, and make them trust you less. Your customers want to know that you can deliver on your promises. Keep your branding consistent to help solidify that trust!


Good Branding Justifies Higher Price Points

Premium branding means premium pricing. When you have a clear brand that is well positioned and resonates with your audience, your customers will be willing to pay more for your product. You’re adding perceived value to your company, and you’re creating a more desirable product. We usually buy things for how they make us feel or how they affect our sense of self more than for the product itself. Good branding knows that.


Taking Control of Your Narrative

When you have good brand positioning and an attractive visual brand, you’re in control. Branding gives you the opportunity to take control of your narrative. The reality is, people have an idea of what your brand is whether you tell them or not. Take the time to solidify your company’s brand story. This way you get to decide what your brand should mean to people.


Competitive Advantage

A strategic approach to your brand gives you a competitive advantage, helping you to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd. What makes your product or service unique? How do you do things differently? Good branding gives you added value over your competitors, and in turn can lead to a boost to your sales.

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