If you’re going to build a website, you need to know why you’re making the design and functionality decisions you’re making. Luckily, there’s quite a bit of research out there that tells us about users and how they behave online. Here are five web statistics you should know:

1. Mobile traffic is higher than ever

In 2017, Statista found that mobile traffic made up 52.64% of online traffic. That’s more than half of all website visits, in the whole word! If you still aren’t convinced you should have a mobile-responsive website, this is all the proof you need.

2. If it’s not mobile-friendly, we give up

A study found that 8 in 10 users would just exit the window if a website did not display correctly on their mobile phones. Let’s face it nobody likes to pinch and zoom to read.

3. You have VERY limited time to make an impression

It takes users 50 milliseconds – that’s right, milliseconds – to determine whether or not they like your website’s design. This is why straightforward design is so important.

4. Layout matters

38% of users will leave a website if the content and layout aren’t appealing. Visuals are important, and having a site that looks good isn’t enough – it has to function properly too. Is the layout is overall nice, but frustrating to navigate, your users will give up.

5. Design = Credibility

75% of consumers have admitted that their impression of a businesses credibility is influenced by the design of the site. Bad design = not credible. By showing you care about your website, you’re showing you care about your products and customers. Also, it helps to make you appear more professional. It’s worth investing in good design.


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